EPiServer 8 – util/login.aspx not found

While publishing a new EPiServer site from Visual Studio 2013, I encountered the problem of an 404 error on my new Alloy web site – 404 on util/login page. This occurred when I entered the root page.

EPiServer 8 - Util Login aspx does not exist

Epi 8 util login not found 404

After trying to find out what had been going wrong, I re-published the site I realize I had used Precompilation in the publishing – while you should publish a site using the File System option.

After an hour of trying to solve the issue, and re-publishing now with File System only, there was no help. I found this blog post at http://world.episerver.com/Modules/Forum/Pages/Thread.aspx?id=59068 about the problem being related to the Virtual Paths used by EPiServer – which cannot be created when commencing a precompiled publish.

Instead of trying to fix this issue (for hours), I simply deleted and re-created the web site on the target IIS, and deployed it using the File System method.

And there we go, the I can now login:

EpiServer 8 - Login screen ok


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