Install the EPiServer 8 Database

Deployment of EPiServer 8 to the production server is supposed to be possible to be done automated with Visual Studio, including the database? Not with me. I think I did something wrong earlier when savaging (read:uninstalling) my 2012 LocalDB instance. Due to this, I seem to need to install the database manually.

No problem, that is done easily and fast as long as you have access to the database server.

Navigate to your solution folder, then go to the Nuget package folder, and within it to the EPiServer CMS Core files.. For me that would be:


Installing EPiServer Database

Once here, copy the sql file and paste it to your database server.

On the database server, open the SQL Server Management Studio, and create a new EPiServer database. Create a new query after that. Paste the SQL source code to the query and execute.

Btw, remember to select the appropriate database before commencing the script – it happened to me that I now have a full EPiServer schema in my master database. Doh..

Installing EPiServer Database 2


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