TF402484: The ..projectname.. team project has been deleted

Seems like half of my working time is wasted on complete garbage. Like this. TF402484. Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 messed up something, and now I can’t do anything in VS2013 without that annoying error TF402484: The ..projectname.. team project has been deleted..

The solution? I delete the workspace completely and reload the projects, and add them to TFS manually, unless already uploaded there.

Really, I feel like every day I fight against some dumb configuration games of various products. Why on earth should I as a developer know how to configure all kinds of settings, files and whatsoever in different products? Even development environments, web content management platforms, SharePoint.. they should have settings that can be EASILY set up without having to Google every little bit and setting from another “professional” developer (another setting victim)? If you cannot make easily understandable settings for your products, your products are TOO COMPLICATED. That’s so 90’s! You don’t hide settings in 10 different files plus the registry, plus some dependencies on Server Settings (Invariant Languages in Application Pools.. )

For a new developer this kind of “oh I know all settings of this product, and how to configure it..” might sound cool and professional, but after being in this business for 20 years, I’m really bored of learning every 2 years a completely new number of settings, or when changing products, a completely new setting philosophy.

I envy those grey developers who don’t change and learn new things – live within the same realm for .. infinity 😦


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