Type ‘…’ could not be mapped to a PropertyDefinitionType

Oh, hello dear blog. New day, new bug. This one is of the ‘Shoot myself in the head’ -kind, but just in case you encounter the same, here you go.. Development environment EPiServer 8.

Server Error in ‘/’ Application.

Type ‘Organization.Project.Web.Models.Pages.ContactPage’ could not be mapped to a PropertyDefinitionType

Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

Exception Details: EPiServer.Core.TypeMismatchException: Type ‘Organization.Project.Web.Models.Pages.ContactPage’ could not be mapped to a PropertyDefinitionType

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EPiServer Blocks: Render inline content

Assuming you have an EPiServer property called “CustomHtml” (XhtmlString) with the value “<p>Hello, world!</p>”, and you want to render it, what you will try is:

<div id=”contentHere”>



It will print out the whole XhtmlString as text, not as Html. For it to work, you need to mark up the Property as InlineContent:

@Html.PropertyFor(x=>x.CustomHtml, new {Tag=”InlineContent”})

You can also use the @Html.Raw(ViewBag.Something)

Windows 10: How to enable hibernation?

In Admin command prompt do powercfg /h

I bet I get no page hits for this entry as I present the solution in the first lines (you can see the question and solution in the Google search list.) That’s good so. Enough of having to enter a site to find a one-liner answer, especially when the question+answer is simple and needs no explaining 😛