Unable to upgrade from Win10 preview build 10547 due to Hyper-V issues


(Pls. read to the end to get the complete story, because the Hyper-V issue did not get fixed as I thought)

For months I tried to upgrade from 10547 to any newer build, but I always had to roll back because 1) The Wifi would no longer work and 2) Hyper-V got stuck on some odd error 0x800700ff, complaining about the extended attributes being incorrect.

I never had the time to fix it, but yesterday, in honor of Valentine’s day, I finally decided to get rid of my ‘friend’, build 10547. After doing all kinds of little tricks to get the Hyper-V working (no success), I finally found this post, leading me to the correct solution: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/e57d2fab-4a1c-4d13-bbf9-2704a1c697bc/vms-wont-start-after-updates-and-reboot?forum=winserverhyperv

All I had to do was to go to the two folders mentioned,  C:\Programdata\Microsoft\Windows\Hyper-V and C:\Users\Public\Documents\Hyper-V, and grant myself access to them. Then restart the Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management Service.

The Hyper-V upgrade problem solved, finally 🙂 Or so I thought. Turns out that the fix, or the workaround was actually just to restart the Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management service. So now each time I logon to my computer I have to restart that service – unless the computer had crashed leaving the VMs on, then they would be running already.

Oh, and the Wifi problem was fixed by going to the vendor’s site and downloading the latest Windows 10 Wifi drivers from there 🙂

Btw, 14257 RS1 160131-1800 seems to be crashing my laptop multiple times a day, especially when I work with VS 2015 and RDLC reports (there might not be correlation, but it only crashes when I work on RDLC reports.)

I already tried to opt out of the Insider Program as I need my laptop to work – unfortunately opting out does not really work, but that is another story 😀


RDLC -Adding Tablix (parent) Group

To add a Parent Group to a Tablix, please

  1. Select the Tablix and Right-click the Column Groups => Advanced.
  2. Go to the first Row Group, Click Add Group => Parent Group
  3. If you want to make the Parent Group expandable, make the current Group hidden first (Properties => Hidden = True) and Set ToggleItem = the Parent.
  4. Add a total between the two new groups, and set up the fields to calculate the group total if needed (looks better at least.)

If you wonder why I write this down => maybe this is rather a note for me, because I always tend to forget how to do this, and end up wasting a lot of time trying to find out the correct solution.

RDLC – Adding Columns

Often when you design an RDLC report, you get asked to add columns to it after some time. You may need to change the database query in order to get the data for the required columns.

In order for RDLC DataSets to contain the new columns, you need to go to the DataSet in visual studio first (xsd files, locate the xsd files e.g. in the root of the Visual Studio Solution), in which you can add the column. Next you need to go back to the RDLC report, and Refresh the DataSet of the report. Now you can add the columns to your report.