RDLC – Disable (mysterious) paging

To cut it short, my RDLC report had a strange issue – no matter how many parameters I changed, the report kept sorting and paging itself on the wrong criteria. After trying to solve it for a long time with the help of Visual Studio (2013 and 2015), I finally gave up and opened the file with Notepad. It took me 30 seconds to find the issue, which was some weird setting maybe from a previous version:

<Group Name=”list1_Resource”>

I changed the BreakLocation Between to None, and the problem was solved.


Entity framework and SQL Server Views

I tried to find an answer to my question: Can I use SQL Server Views with the entity framework? How is this different from mapping normal database tables?

There were a ton of search results for this question, but barely a good, definitive answer. I save you the time, the answer is :

Yes, it’s possible.

No sample code as you access a SQL Server views exactly like a database table.

Hmm. With one difference, I declared the properties of the view read only, e.g.


public string Name {get; private set;}

Don’t know if that is necessary, but at least my code cannot even try to write to a view 🙂

Bitlocker on Windows 10 PC without TPM – with PIN and USB key


I set up Bitlocker on an old PC with Windows 10. As the PC had no TPM, I had to use a PIN for the key to the encrypted drive. Soon I regretted not having selected the USB dongle option. I searched the internet for a possibility to have both a PIN + a USB drive option to unlock the drive. The latter is a nice option in a safe environment, no need to type the PIN at every boot.

The results from the internet search were discouraging, but nevertheless, there is an easy way to add the USB stick as a second option: Insert the USB drive to the port, open Command Prompt (Admin mode), and type:

manage-bde -protectors -add c: StartupKey x:

.. please replace the drive name (x:) with the appropriate drive where the USB drive is located at.

That’s all.