Disable Windows authentication for Visual Studio IIS Express

All I want to say is that ‘I searched for it for long.’

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I-Tec USB 3.0 Dual Docking Station: One year review

As I work in multiple offices of different clients, and with multiple laptops, I purchased myself a USB 3.0 -based docking station a year ago. My colleagues and clients keep asking about my opinion and experiences with such a docking station, so I will shared more details in my dev blog.

My problem one year ago was that I had three simultaneous projects, each of which needed to be worked upon using a dedicated laptop. In total, I would have needed three different docking stations at home alone – one for HP Elitebook, one for Lenovo T450S and a third one for an older Dell model. And each time I would update my laptop – say buy a newer Lenovo model, i would need, possibly, to purchase a new docking station. Made no sense.

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Avast installs Adware on my Android!

I just got very pissed and angry at myself a few days ago. When I opened my belowed Android Marshmallow, I was horrified to learn some adware had taken over my charging screen:

What is this peace of junk adware doing on my Android?!?

Why should I tolerate someone taking over my phone and filling it with advertisement?

So I went through all my recent installations, but I could not find anything that was related to the ‘charging screen’ – which is displayed during charging. I then started to think which of my apps was the most aggressive one to push sales?

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Can’t resolve non-rooted path

When adding a GuiPlugin attribute to a class in order to display it in the EPiServer Admin View, I get the error Can’t resolve non-rooted path.

The changes I made were the colored ones:

[Authorize(Roles = “Administrators, WebAdmins”)]
[GuiPlugIn(DisplayName=”Portal Users”, Url =”UserProfile”, Area = PlugInArea.AdminMenu)]
public class UserProfileController : Controller

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Why you should have a separate password for each service

Many people are bored with the countless passwords they have for different accounts. Say, there is Google, Netflix, eMail, Bank, Dropbox, Evernote, Dating Site, etc. There are tens, if not hundreds of passwords to manage.

I happened to help in solving a cyber crime, and part of that assignment was to ‘hack’ open a high number of accounts and close them. It was a case of identity theft.

There are a few relatively nice ways to get your hands on someones password, the method is so easy and simple that any 1st semester student can utilize it against virtually anyone. It might even work on me. But using that technique, you can get hold of someone’s password(s).

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