QlikSense + WFE Troubleshooting

If you are publishing the QlikSense EDW against the public internet, you may run into some strange problems. Here is a short list of configurations to check on the Internet server utilizing QlikSense for Web Ticketing, fetching Hypercubes etc. The article assumes your WFE (Web Front End Server) is a Windows Server. The server can be located in Azure or on-site.

  • For the QlikSense certificates issued to the WFE (Web Front End server), is the certificate trusted by the WFE?
  • Is the QlikSense server Root Certificate trusted by the WFE?
  • Have you installed the certificate on the account running the Application Pool?
  • Do you have the necessary port openings, e.g. 443 and 4243, 4244? This depends on your setup. As I’m not an QlikSense expert, better Google around the topic.
  • Can the name of the server be resolved on the WFE? E.g. if your certificate is for server SERV12312ABC, then the Azure server cannot resolve it. It would need a DNS setup to resolve the DNS/FQDN. If you run a ‘real’ Windows server you can fake this with the Hosts file setup. Using Azure, there is no such (easy) option at the moment. In that case you need to issue the certificate with a real Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN), e.g. qliksense.acme.com.

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