Juniper Network Connect: Wrong username / password

I have come across the problem of ‘entering the wrong username and password combination’ when trying to login through Juniper. No matter how often I type in the correct username / password combination, it gives me some kind of authentication error.

In the past, I used to call it support to reset my PIN code as the company has a policy of ‘3 strike out’ – after entering the login three times your account is locked and you need a new PIN.

Turns out I reset my PIN all in vain. The fix was easy.

Well, it seems that Juniper is unable to articulate that ‘Your login was successful, but you are already logged into the system with another client’. Sometimes that client is a ‘dead’ client, e.g. if I used Juniper in a Virtual Machine environment, and the VM died, it booked one session.

If you already have a session established, you can login with the correct credentials as many times you wish, but your account will not be frozen. So no need to reset the PIN. You just have to wait until your (idle) session expires, and then login again. I have never been able to determine the exact expiration time, but I guess for my organization it’s around 30..60 minutes.


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