Avast installs Adware on my Android!

I just got very pissed and angry at myself a few days ago. When I opened my belowed Android Marshmallow, I was horrified to learn some adware had taken over my charging screen:

What is this peace of junk adware doing on my Android?!?

Why should I tolerate someone taking over my phone and filling it with advertisement?

So I went through all my recent installations, but I could not find anything that was related to the ‘charging screen’ – which is displayed during charging. I then started to think which of my apps was the most aggressive one to push sales?

Avast? Could it be you??

I got to Avast settings and .. Charging Booster .. what is that?

Charging Booster?

Turns out Avast, my ‘faithful’ and ‘trustworthy’ Anti-Virus app is installing bloatware and adware on its own. An anti-virus adware? No thank you. How can anyone be so stupid an give this kind of app a questionable reputation with adware? I want to control my own ‘charging screen’, not view Ads when I open up my phone.

After doing some research on the internet I notice that it’s not the first time avast has done this.

The only recommendable action was clear to me: Uninstall.

Yes, I would really like to uninstall this crapp!

Goodbye Ads! I’m also happy to get rid of the click-bite suggestions of the app. ‘Your wifi could be insecure’, etc. At each update of the app, it would suggest something ‘could’ go wrong, and that you really need to upgrade to the pro version.

Bye bye Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus!



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