My phone dies at 20% or 15% or 10%

Recently my Android phone has been acting similarly as my previous iPhone 5S – I can see the battery charge being at 20% and resume a call, but the phone dies a short moment later claiming to still have 17% left. The phone doesn’t realize that the battery is totally empty. How to fix this?

My solution was to deplete my Android completely by letting it play a 4K video until it warned of low battery at 15%. Ten seconds later it died. I turned the Android back on but it died during boot.

I plugged in the chord to see the charging status of the phone and it claimed to be at 17% right away. The phone needed to reset for it to understand that the battery charge was at zero, and to properly display the charge state.

In order to completely drain the battery, I had to turn on the phone as many times as it could wake up .. it took me around ten times, after it the phone would not even try to boot anymore. I attached the cable to the phone and saw it now properly showing the charge to be at only 2%.

I let it charge until it was full before removing the Android from the charger. Ever since I fully drained the battery, the battery charge has been displayed correctly by the Android. At 15% it still works, and only dies when the charge is at about 4-5%.



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