Intel Processor Markings U, K, M, Q, T and 6600T vs 6600K

When looking for a new processor for my computer, I took some time to find about the Intel processor suffixes, listed below:

  • U – Ultra low power, e.g. for laptops (e.g. Lenovo T460S series)
  • K – Unlocked – easy to overclock
  • M – Mobile
  • Q  – Quad core
  • T – Optimized for power consumption (e.g. Lenovo Tiny M900)

I compared performances of the different processors, and came up with the following results:

  • As it seems, i5 6500T is around 15% slower than the i5 6500.
  • The i5 6600K is 10% faster than the i5 6600.
  • The it 6600K is 21% faster than the i5 6600T.

So when selecting e.g. a 6500 or 6600 i5 processor, it is quite pivotal to take note of the suffix, and the resulting performance decrease / increase, too!





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