F-Secure SAFE Anti-Virus for Ios: Why not..

If you thought about purchasing an extra layer of security for your Ios device, I recommend you to purchase F-Secure SAFE for Ios (e.g.your IPhone.) Or alternatively throw your money out of the window. False sense of security does not come cheap.

Compare the F-Secure SAFE for Andoid (left) to the IPhone (right). 1 point tip: What is the difference? 0 point tip: It’s encircled in red.


The Ios version has no Anti-virus as Ios is supposedly secure enough to protect itself from malware and viruses. So from the anti-virus perspective, it’s a waste of money unlike on the Android platform where you get that pivotal feature. So what does SAFE offer for the IPhone? Um, .. Safe Browsing? My Lcoation? Um..

Btw. Being a big F-Secure fan, I can recommend their anonymizing VPN solution Freedome to my fellow tinfoil hats. It’s very fast and responsive, and the apps are stable for PC and Android – unlike the many competitors who seem to have a lot of issues with either bandwidth or sudden crashes. Maybe the reason for Freedome’s outstanding network performance is due to the relatively low number of users as the service is not that established yet.


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