QlikSense and Web Ticketing – issuing certificates

Upon utilizing QlikSense Web Ticketing from a remote web server, you need to deploy a certificate to the web server in question. There are a lot of misconceptions about the certificate and the certificate type. When recently participating in a project that required the certificates on the web server, I got a lot of advice and wrong information from Qlik consultants. In a lengthy try-and-try again iterations, I finally got it to work.

  • The certificate is a user certificate. If you install it on a server, place it under the user certificates of the account running the Application Pool calling Qlik.
  • The certificate is ok to be a self-signed certificate.
  • It is not enough to only have the remote server’s name in the certificate approvals, but also include the FQDN as the IP addresses of the server (outgoing IP address.) I don’t know which one it worked with, but after adding both it started working.
  • You can successfully use a web server deployed in e.g. Azure. Adding certificates is quite easy, please refer to e.g. https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/using-certificates-in-azure-websites-applications/
  • Then of course you need a certificate for incoming traffic, but that is another story and its installation is normal procedure.

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