Errors with QlikSense Web Ticketing in local environments

If you have a QlikSense installation in your local corporate network, but you access it with Web Ticketing, you might stumble upon a weird authentication problem where the Web Ticketing service responds with a (400) Bad Request error message. This should happen with computers of your company sharing a Group Policy that trusts the QlikSense server in question.

The reason for this can be that your browser has already authenticated against the QlikSense server with Windows Authentication, if the latter is enabled (due to an configuration error.) You can try if the problem is related to the Windows authentication by setting the QlikSense server to the ‘Internet’ Zone and restarting your browser (preferably the good old IE11 for this type of testing.) If the problem vanishes, or you get the following redirect attempt from the Qlik Server, it’s likely a Windows Authentication issue:

Disclaimer: I’m not a Qlik consultant, I don’t know what I’m talking about. I just observe the painful existence of some Qlik consultants, working on their wonderful product.


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