QlikSense Web Ticketing for 3.1.* does not work on Internet Explorer, Safari..

Qlik does not work with web ticketing on Internet Explorer? Or it may work if you add it to the Trusted Zone? Or it does not work on Safari? You have mysterious issues around the 400 certificate error?

Here are some desperate last-ditch suggestions to Qlik consultants feeling desperate and suicidal:

  • Qlik does not support IPv6. Are you sure it’s not enabled on your Qlik server?
  • Do you have CORS enabled on the web server that utilizes Web Ticketing?
  • Have you tried to put the site into the Trusted Zone?
  • Have you actually traced if the browser is able to open a web socket connection?
  • Is the load balancer or another network device able to switch protocols to Http 1.1?
  • Did you check if the Qlik server makes it to approve the sessions that it sends out, are the sessions rejected by Qlik itself?


Disclaimer: I’m not a Qlik consultant. I just get to see what they struggle with. I have no idea what I’m talking about.


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