Faking my location fails – the ‘internet’ seems to know where I am even when I use VPN?

I have a fixed IP address at my house, and since I work for many clients from my home, they have IP address exemptions / rules to bypass traffic from my home IP. I tend to travel a lot, so I set up a VPN at my home to which I connect when I want to get through the customer’s firewall.

Once I traveled to another country and tried to access some AWS services from the Airbnb room I rented. I opened up a VPN connection to my home some 9000 km away, and was successfull in doing so. The Speedtest (www.speedtest.net) measured the throughput from the 50/20 network in the Asian city to my 150/150 connection in my country to be about 10/5, which is adequate.

I wondered why many sites offered me content in the local language instead of my home country’s language, they seemed to know exactly the city I was currently in. This would normally be something the VPN to my house would confuse them. But not this time.

And the firewall did not let me though to the customer’s AWS database. I went to http://www.whatismyip.com to discover that my IP address was not my home’s IP address although I used the VPN solution. Turns out it was an IPv6 address.

I went to the network adapter properties and disabled IPv6, after which http://www.whatismyip.com displayed the correct IP(4) address, and I got through the client’s firewall.

Happy end.


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