How to import your Azure db to local Sql Server

In order to take a copy of an Azure database and to deploy it on the local workstation, I did the following:

  • Download and install SQL Server Management Studio
  • Open the connection to the Azure db.
  • Right-click on the database and select ‘Generate Scripts’
  • In Generate Scripts, select to to script the entire database.
  • In ‘Set Scripting Options’, go to ‘Types of data to script’ and select ‘Schema and data’
  • Next Next.
  • With the script file ready, open the local database in SQL Server Management Studio. Open a new query against the database in question (where the Schema and Data is to be created in.)
  • Paste the Script to the Query window and Execute it. Done.

I did this with my DXC EPiServer database as the database of the integration environment was too slow to respond when running on my local workstation. (I had to use it through a VPN solution due to security IP restrictions.)



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