Redshift ODBC driver AccessViolationException

When querying Redshift databases in a loop with e.g. multiple calls to odbc.ExecuteReader(), the ODBC driver starts to die at some moment in your hands and complains about an AccessViolationException.

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Samsung 460 or 3185 – Install Toner

Eight years ago I bought my first Samsung printer. It’s only fault was that it complained randomly about “Install Toner”. Fine, three years ago I bought myself the Samsun 3185 – same thing after just a few months of use. Fool me once, fool me twice – but a year ago I bought myself the Samsung C460, because, of course, that kind of trivial problems should be solved by now.

The definition of an idiot is a person who is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different outcome. Hello, that’s me.

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