Samsung 460 or 3185 – Install Toner

Eight years ago I bought my first Samsung printer. It’s only fault was that it complained randomly about “Install Toner”. Fine, three years ago I bought myself the Samsun 3185 – same thing after just a few months of use. Fool me once, fool me twice – but a year ago I bought myself the Samsung C460, because, of course, that kind of trivial problems should be solved by now.

The definition of an idiot is a person who is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different outcome. Hello, that’s me.

Now even my latest Samsung laser color printer is complaining me to ‘Install Yellow Toner’, and what I do is to open the hatch to the toners, pull the problematic one out a little, or just changing its position slightly, then closing the hatch. ‘Install black toner’. Fine, open the hatch, adjust the black toner, and trying again. This happens with new and old toners.

Based on an eight year experience I can advice to stay away from Samsung laser printers, unless you want to struggle with this problem. There are plenty of alternatives.


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