Faking my location fails – the ‘internet’ seems to know where I am even when I use VPN?

I have a fixed IP address at my house, and since I work for many clients from my home, they have IP address exemptions / rules to bypass traffic from my home IP. I tend to travel a lot, so I set up a VPN at my home to which I connect when I want to get through the customer’s firewall.

Once I traveled to another country and tried to access some AWS services from the Airbnb room I rented. I opened up a VPN connection to my home some 9000 km away, and was successfull in doing so. The Speedtest (www.speedtest.net) measured the throughput from the 50/20 network in the Asian city to my 150/150 connection in my country to be about 10/5, which is adequate.

I wondered why many sites offered me content in the local language instead of my home country’s language, they seemed to know exactly the city I was currently in. This would normally be something the VPN to my house would confuse them. But not this time.

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