QlikSense Web Ticketing for 3.1.* does not work on Internet Explorer, Safari..

Qlik does not work with web ticketing on Internet Explorer? Or it may work if you add it to the Trusted Zone? Or it does not work on Safari? You have mysterious issues around the 400 certificate error?

Here are some desperate last-ditch suggestions to Qlik consultants feeling desperate and suicidal:

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QlikSense and Web Ticketing – issuing certificates

Upon utilizing QlikSense Web Ticketing from a remote web server, you need to deploy a certificate to the web server in question. There are a lot of misconceptions about the certificate and the certificate type. When recently participating in a project that required the certificates on the web server, I got a lot of advice and wrong information from Qlik consultants. In a lengthy try-and-try again iterations, I finally got it to work.

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