Low hashrate on 1060?

I installed 2 x Nvidia 1060 with 6 Gb each. When using multiple different miners, I end up with a low hashrate such as 10..11 MH on each, totaling around 20 MH, but fluctuating very strongly (to the downside.)

I first used Minergate, and dismissed it soon for its low hash rate (which was a wrong assumption.) Turns out I only needed to upgrade the BIOS firmware of my Asus V270-K motherboard. Upon restarting Ubuntu and powering on Minergate, I now get a constant 44..46 MH, which can be considered good for an untweaked, untampered pair of 1060’s.


How to share the internet connection on your flight with other devices or .. people (Win 10) and how to bypass Skype blocking

Recently many airlines have tightened the rules for internet connections on their (long haul) flights. Some airlines offer free internet for Gold or Diamond, Platinum members for an hour, some grant it for the whole flight. I happen to fly quite a lot, so I have an Emerald tier which mostly gives me a free internet throughout the entire flight. But if I want to share the connection with e.g. family or friends on the flight?

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Samsung 460 or 3185 – Install Toner

Eight years ago I bought my first Samsung printer. It’s only fault was that it complained randomly about “Install Toner”. Fine, three years ago I bought myself the Samsun 3185 – same thing after just a few months of use. Fool me once, fool me twice – but a year ago I bought myself the Samsung C460, because, of course, that kind of trivial problems should be solved by now.

The definition of an idiot is a person who is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different outcome. Hello, that’s me.

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EPiServer – get page property value in a specific language

I’m sending emails from EPiServer, and the email content is based on a language selection coming from the backend. As often the case in EPiServer implementations, I have a separate page for Email Settings and translations. I read the subjects, mail texts and other properties from the [CultureSpecific] properties.

How to do this programmatically? I found lengthy answers on the internet, but I want a short, quick answer. Here is how to get e.g. the Swedish translations:

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