Copy data between Redshift databases (same or remote servers)

My challenge was to copy data from one Redshift database to another, in this case on the same server instance. This solution works well for remote instances, too.

I tried to find a native ‘sql’ solution to the problem and found some tips of using dblink, but they did not work with Redshift.

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Prevent Windows 10 from sending ‘telemetry’ information

What I find amazing is that as a Windows 10 user you are forced to allow Win 10 to submit diagnostics data to Microsoft e.g. in the event of a crash. This can include very confidential information such as your open files. Only users with the Enterprise version are able to disable diagnostics permanently.

In order for you to disable Diagnostics, please add the following registry key using e.g. regedit:

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Samsung 460 or 3185 – Install Toner

Eight years ago I bought my first Samsung printer. It’s only fault was that it complained randomly about “Install Toner”. Fine, three years ago I bought myself the Samsun 3185 – same thing after just a few months of use. Fool me once, fool me twice – but a year ago I bought myself the Samsung C460, because, of course, that kind of trivial problems should be solved by now.

The definition of an idiot is a person who is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different outcome. Hello, that’s me.

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