Copy data between Redshift databases (same or remote servers)

My challenge was to copy data from one Redshift database to another, in this case on the same server instance. This solution works well for remote instances, too.

I tried to find a native ‘sql’ solution to the problem and found some tips of using dblink, but they did not work with Redshift.

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How to copy the DXC or Azure EPiServer database to your local Sql Server

You may want to download the EPiServer of a Azure or DXC environment to your local sql database, simply because:

  • The database may be restricted to certain IPs only, thus you are not able to connect to it remotely or without e.g. whitelisting the IP address for each new IP address assigned to your laptop/development environment at home/the vacation resort etc.
  • The database may require you to access it through a VPN. If you are on the wrong continent, traveling, it may be painfully slow to wait for each db query to finish.
  • It’s more fun to have it locally => easy to perform any change, rather than the cumbersome Azure way.

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