Visual Studio 2017 npm error – CategoryInfo not specified

While trying to install and test the npm package node-adwords, I stumbled upon an error stating an error with CategoryInfo not being specified.

The errors given by npm included e.g. gyp error, and reading about it from random internet sources, the problem seemed to point to compiler settings. I updated node to the latest version, which did not resolve the issue.

The next attempt was to modify my Visual Studio 2017 Professional installation, and specifically the Node.js options:


I did not have the VC++ 2017 v141 toolset installed, so I ticked it along with Visual Studio C++ core features (I don’t think it is necessary) and started the installation.

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Install Angular 2.0 in Visual Studio

For me, installing Angular 2.0 within Visual Studio 2015 was a ‘different type of experience’. While Angular 1.x installed nicely with the help of NPM, there was no Angular 2.0 NPM package when I first tried Angular 2.0 in June 2016. And having installed Angular 2 the ‘native way’, I have to say it was a bad idea to make its installation so difficult in the Microsoft development environment, namely Visual Studio 2015.

(Article is currently being updated.)